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We Make the Business of Banking More Profitable

Areas where we increase revenues and profits

  • Increasing bank earnings

  • Improving the return on investment for a bank’s core banking system

  • Valuing the improved earnings opportunities from mergers and acquisitions or helping to achieve M&A earnings projections

  • Identifying and improving bank transaction workflows and business processes that achieve real revenue and earnings growth

As a savvy banking chief executive, you are constantly looking to optimize your bank’s business processes to boost earnings and shareholder value. Like most financial institutions, you have probably previously implemented a profit improvement project using either an internal effort or with another consulting firm. Lodestone Banking’s recurring revenue approach is unique within the industry. Our in-depth, cross-functional analysis combined with our expertise in aligning our client banks’ core banking systems with their business policies, consistently results in successful improvements in our clients’ annual interest and non-interest income – by substantial margins.

In today’s competitive banking environment, we offer an alternative way to grow your bottom line without staff reductions, branch closures, cost-cuts of any kind or fee increases.

Lodestone Banking is a bank profit improvement consulting company. We specialize in recurring revenue analysis which involves the review of the primary profit generators within your bank; a detailed scrutiny of the key processes that support each profit area; and the creation of a definitive roadmap to increase your bank’s revenues. Our consulting approach consistently generates $1 million in recurring revenue for every $1 billion in bank assets. Let us show you how.